Mentors truly help make Memories that Last a Lifetime. Here's what some of our kids have to say about their mentors.



“When I was first that I would be getting a mentor seven years ago, I wasn’t really sure about going to hang out with some random guy that I didn’t even know!
However, I also had no idea that this random guy and his wife would be one of the biggest inspirations in my life!
Robert and Annie have always been willing to help me with any of life’s struggles.
Home work, the starting of my teenage years, and driving!
This is one thing that I love about them, they are always quick to listen and never quick to judge, even if you’re an Alabama fan and prefer a Chevy over a Ford!
Robert and Annie are like family to me and always will be, and I am treated in such a way that I know that the feelings are mutual not only by Robert and Annie but by their family as well!
Over the past seven years I have gained many memories that I will carry with me through out my adolescent and adult life thanks to two people who chose to mentor a child that was destined to have two very special people in his life!
I would like to say thank you for impacting my life in ways that you may never know."  Tony




"Having a mentor has given me the confidence to do all these things...Andrea has always been there for me...,has always believed in me, believes I can do anything, and that makes me feel good. Now I’m really excited about the future! One of the most important things I’m looking forward to is being a Mentor. My mentors have helped me become who I am today. So I would like to do that for someone else too."


Thank you so much for letting me be in Mentor Me. It has really been changing my life. I LOVE Jeff, Leigh Ayn and Brandon so much. Before I met them I was really sad that I couldn’t see my dad at the time. I was praying every day and night that my dad would come see us!! Then one day when I was at school my mom got a phone call from my aunt that would change my life. My aunt told my mom about Mentor Me and asked me and my brother and sister about it. We all said “Yes!” So when I feel sad I tell my mom and her and Jeff set us up a visit. I see them every weekend! And I even sit in the same seat with Brandon on the bus! When I go to Brandon’s house I like to play video games with him and watch music. We also enjoy coming to my house and playing Wii (a video game). When its me and Jeff, Leigh Ayn and Brandon we like to go to Moe’s to eat, the YMCA, the pet store, the fair, and soooooooooo much more. And pretty often I get to stay up late at Brandon’s house and we watch movies and make cookies. I promised myself one day I would love to become a Mentor. I know how much fun it is to be with someone you love. Especially when you have had a death or divorce in your family. So thank you ever so much. This truly is a miracle sent from God. I hope to be in the Phillips’ life for many more years to come. Thank you!