Summer Fun

2014 Camps and other summer activities

City of Cumming Parks and Rec Guide

Forsyth County Parks and Rec Guide

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Ideas you can try with your mentee anytime:

1. Make dinner together
2. Go out for dinner at an ethnic restaurant
3. Read and discuss the newspaper over coffee/hot chocolate
4. Go to the library and check out books to read together
5. Start a scrap book
6. Make a list of “favorites”
7. Learn a new skill together
8. Volunteer for a community project
9. Go to an old-time movie
10. Go to a concert, ballet, or play
11. Take a tour of a friend’s job site
12. Figure out how to program your DVR for shows to watch together
13. Visit a college campus
14. “Find” a summer job in the classifieds
15. Select a cool wardrobe from a catalogue and compare tastes
16. Go bargain hunting/window shopping
17. Plan a week’s worth of ideal meals and figure out costs
18. Celebrate a friend’s religious holiday
19. Go shopping for a special person you both know
20. Write a short story
21. Talk about credit cards and finances
22. Go on a hike
23. Visit city hall or the county office building
24. Plan a hypothetical career and write a resume
25. Watch a TV program and identify stereotypes
26. Explore a new radio station together
27. Take a roll of photographs of “unusual” sights
28. Take a ride on public transportation
29. Look up your state on the internet:
30. Draw family trees and compare them
31. Read a book out loud
32. Visit the zoo
33. Make up stories about funny pictures you have collected during the week
34. Celebrate your names by crafting items
35. Make a list of five people you admire – research in the library or on the internet
36. Help an elderly neighbor
37. Make a present for someone special
38. List and prioritize ten values
39. Visit the local animal shelter and offer to walk dogs
40. Play a board game together
41. Go to a ball game – high school games are often cheap or free!
42. Make an appointment at a cosmetology school and get a new hairstyle or cut
43. Go skating
44. Visit a production plant visa a prearranged appointment
45. Go to a food processing plant
46. Wash the car
47. Compose a letter to a politician on the computer
48. Find a place to sing karaoke
49. Pick apples or other fruit in season
50. Visit a bank to explore how to open an account
51. Bake cookies
52. Visit a thrift store and find one treasure
53. Visit a local historical site
54. Visit a public park
55. Play Frisbee golf
56. Try a new sport together
57. Look at a list of extracurricular activities and compare interests
58. Go to the “Y” and swim or play basketball
59. Go for a hike or nature walk and identify wildlife you see
60. Visit stables and pet horses visa an appointment
61. Go to a museum or art gallery
62. Visit a sports arena on a non-game day for a tour
63. Make a casserole for a neighbor who is sick
64. Try a new food or cuisine together
65. Go to a farmer’s market or craft festival together
66. Pop popcorn and watch a movie checked out from the library
67. Learn the rules and strategies of a new game together
68. Make a list of places to visit and research them online
69. Visit a state park and get a tour by the park ranger
70. Go bowling
71. Write letters to soldiers overseas
72. Pack a picnic lunch and go to a scenic place to eat
73. Make a picture frame to put a picture of each other in
74. Plant a garden or seasonal plants together
75. Have lunch at the mentee’s school with him/her
76. Participate in a park cleanup day together
77. Make a seasonal craft for decorations
78. Visit a fire or police station
79. Go to a school play or concert together
80. Make homemade play dough and make a sculpture
81. Have a homemade pizza or taco night
82. Decorate a piggy bank and talk about saving money
83. Call a radio station to request a song
84. Work on a crossword or activity book together
85. Play pool or ping pong
86. Fly a kite
87. Take a dog to a dog park
88. Hit balls at the driving range or batting cages
89. Put a puzzle together
90. Look through a college catalog and identify interesting classes
91. Participate in a “Fun Run”
92. Take cupcakes to a hospital as a “thank you” for nurses
93. Make a homemade card for someone special
94. Write a letter to a teacher
95. Start a collection together
96. Build a model car together
97. Throw a football or softball together
98. Have a jump roping or hula hoop contest
99. Have a cookout and roast marshmallows for dessert
100.Read a book that was made into a movie; then watch the movie together